Pooch Parlour

Welcome to Pooch Parlour, where every dog gets star treatment! A series for younger readers.

Pooch Parlour - VIPPooch Parlour - Dog Star

Pooch Parlour - Passion for FashionWedding Tails Cover

V.I.P. (Very Important Pup) (March 2014)

Abi is over the moon to be spending the summer at Pooch Parlour, her aunt Tiffany’s luxury grooming salon. She can’t believe her luck when a glamorous actress and her adorable Pomeranian Jade appear! Can Abi impress them with the Pooch Parlour pampering treatments?


Dog Star (March 2014)

When Abi hears that Pooch Palace will be the official salon for a group of gorgeous dog stars, she is thrilled! She will be grooming the most glamorous dogs in town! But can Abi help a perky little Yorkie called Pickle to get her big break?


Passion for Fashion (June 2014)

Abi and her best friend Emily are so excited to be helping out backstage at a doggy fashion show! But can Abi get a cute little Pug called Boomer to play nice with the other dogs?

Wedding Tails (January 2015)

Abi and the Pooch Parlour team are helping with the celebrity wedding of the year! The bride and groom want to get married with their Dalmatians by their side – the only trouble is getting the playful pups to stay in one place! Can Abi make sure everything goes to plan on the big day? Polka and Smudge are in the spotlight!

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