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I am so excited to be able to show you my new book, at last! I’m totally in love with this cover:

Isn’t it gorgeous? And as for what the book is all about… here’s the blurb:

Tilly has always wanted to be an author – like her gran, bestselling novelist Bea Frost. So when Gran asks Tilly to write her next romance novel for her, Tilly is thrilled.

Only problem is, how can Tilly dream up a swoonsome love story when she’s never even been kissed?

Luckily, she has a plan:

  1.  Go Forth and Flirt.
  2.  Make the Hot New Guy at school fall for her.
  3.  Write it all down.

Easy, right? But real love isn’t quite like in the books…

How To Write A Love Story will be out at the start of May, but between then and now I’ll be posting lots more about Tilly and her story, as well as lots of tips for any aspiring writers out there. To make sure you don’t miss any of the fun, why not sign up to my newsletter?

I can’t wait for you all to read this one!

Love and stories

Katy x