Pooch Parlour

Pooch Parlour, out in the wild!

My author copies of Pooch Parlour: VIP and Dog Star arrived this weekend, and they are gorgeous! Shimmery and bright and shiny and so lovely to touch, the covers and illustrations are stunning and I just cannot wait to see them on actual shop shelves next month.

Pooch Parlour

My agent, Gemma, also got her copies this weekend, and found a suitably appreciative audience for them – these very, very cute Shih Tzus, Pickle and Fleur.

Pickle and FleurMeanwhile at home, the husband has been reading them to Little Miss as her bedtime stories since they arrived – I’m not sure which of them is enjoying them more! It’s half term here at the moment and today the husband was home having quality time with Little Miss while I got some writing done. I emerged from my study at lunchtime to discover the lounge floor covered in tiny pieces of lego and them proudly holding forth this:

Lego Pooch Parlour

It’s a Lego Pooch Parlour! Right down to the bone shaped bath and the shelves of different bubble baths. Turns out that, if I want my family to pay attention to what I have to say, all I need to do is write it in a book! I am already planning a story about tidying up Lego before someone stands on it…

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