And Then We Ran

A Brilliant Book Trailer

In case you missed it on Twitter and Facebook last Friday, my publishers, Stripes Books, have put together the most brilliant book trailer for And Then We Ran.

Take a look:

Can you believe that And Then We Ran will be out on shelves in less than a month now? The book is just starting to get its first reviews in from advance readers too, and I’m thrilled (and relieved!) at some of the lovely things they’re saying.

This book was just… amazing. … This is the perfect contemporary for the summer.

Heather Reviews – 5 stars

[T]he best thing remains the message: what matters is being yourself and doing what you love. The whole story was carefully crafted, clever and a little crazy but always very cute. And I loved every page of it.

Sarah, Books Are Here For You – 5 stars

Isn’t that lovely?

(If you’re looking forward to reading Megan and Elliot’s story, don’t forget that you can pre-order it now so you receive it as soon as it’s released.)


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