And Then We Ran

Proofs, a road trip soundtrack – and a giveaway!

Yesterday brought snow flurries here in Hertfordshire – and the most exciting book post! I practically ripped this one out of the arms of my lovely postman. And look what was inside:

And Then We Ran Proof Parcel

That’s right. Not just the gorgeous proof copies of my new book, And Then We Ran, but also all sorts of fun stuff to go with it. Including:

  • A Save the Date card with the release date (April 6th) on it – because in case you haven’t heard, there’s a wedding in this book
  • Book cover confetti (in case you hadn’t got the wedding thing yet)
  • Polaroid photos of important locations in the story, like the Welsh coast, London and Gretna Green – which is even more appropriate because Megan, the heroine of the story, wants to be a photographer
  • My favourite – a road trip CD!

Even better, I have a spare set of all these goodies to give away to one lucky reader! All you have to do to be in with a chance to win it is sign up to my newsletter before the 17th February. I’ll be announcing the winner through the newsletter later that week.


If you’re not lucky enough to win the proof copy, don’t feel down! You can still get in on the fun by listening to some of the music that helped me write the book! The road trip soundtrack is stuffed full of songs I listened to while working on And Then We Ran, including tracks that made me think of the characters, or certain scenes in the story, or that just felt like the book to me. And guess what? It’s available on Spotify right now!

You’ll still have to wait a couple more months to read the actual book though, I’m afraid. But it is up for preorder already, if you want to make sure you have it on release day.

So don’t forget: sign up to my newsletter to be in with a chance to win – and to get bookish sneak peeks, giveaways and other fun stuff.


Good luck!


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