Pooch Parlour

Pooch Parlour Release Day!

Pooch Parlour - VIP Pooch Parlour - Dog Star

It’s here at last! The day that the first two Pooch Parlour books are finally released into the wild, ready to be enjoyed by children and dogs alike. (Well, probably mostly children. I don’t know that many dogs who can read. But maybe they’ll enjoy the illustrations?)

Little Miss and I took a couple of copies of VIP and Dog Star north to read on the train last weekend, all the way to Edinburgh to spend a half term weekend with my parents. I meant to get a photo of the books at some Scottish landmark, but ended up having far too much fun to remember.

We did make a new friend, though:

Lily the dogThis is Lily. Her owner needed to pop into the shop and, since we had a long wait before our train, we were happy to spend some time looking after her for him. We even got paid in mini chocolate eggs for our service!

I have lots more exciting Pooch Parlour things happening this month. This week, I’m doing my very first school visits to talk about the books, and stories and how they grow into books. I’m really looking forward to reading some bits from the books and, most of all, talking with readers about their favourite sort of animal stories! I have more workshops lined up, so I’m really hoping these ones go well…

It’s World Book Week this week, so Little Miss has to dress up as her favourite book character for school on Friday. After much discussion, she’s decided to go as Mog, the forgetful cat. I’m pleased, because Mog was always one of my favourite characters when I was little too!

I also just got a first look at the illustrations for Pooch Parlour 3: Passion for Fashion, and they’re fabulous! I love how all the pictures in these books add so much to the stories. You’ll have to wait until June to see the finished product though, I’m afraid.

Next up, I need to get to work on Pooch Parlour 4! We don’t have a confirmed title yet, but I can tell you it might well involve Abi and Lulu helping get a pair of dogs ready for their owners’s wedding…

In the meantime, today’s the day to meet Abi, Lulu, Hugo and everyone else at Pooch Parlour, as they help Jade, the tiny Pomeranian, to sparkle, and Pickle the Yorkie to shine!

Read the first chapters of Pooch Parlour 1 and 2

Order the books:

Amazon UK



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