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Sewing through the Story: Laundry Bag

Handy for more than just laundry, this bag is particularly great for keeping your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones when travelling. But don’t stop there! Play around with the sizes and make shoe bags, try waterproof fabrics for wash bags, or use a really robust fabric for carrying more heavy duty contents.

Laundry Bag


Rectangle of medium weight fabric, 120cm by 80cm

2m of satin rope cord to match


What to do:

Fold and press your fabric in half along the longest edge, right sides together, to give you your basic bag shape


Pin in place along the bottom edge and side, leaving 4cm at the top of the side unpinned


Sew along the bottom and side of the bag, stopping before your 4cm gap


Fold and iron the side edge of your fabric in the 4cm gap on both sides to make a very narrow hem, then sew in place individually (don’t join the back and front pieces of fabric together)


Hem the top edge of your bag with a 0.5 cm hem


Fold over the top of your bag again so the top edge sits in line with the bottom of your 4cm gap, press and pin in place. This will be the channel for your drawstring cord


Sew in place, leaving the ends open

Attach a safety pin to one end of your cord and use it to feed the cord through the channel, until it comes out the other end. Knot the ends of cord together at the length you want.


Turn the bag the right way out and it is ready to use.


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