Secrets Schemes & Sewing Machines

Sewing through the Story: Bunting

Grace says: Bunting is such a pretty way to add a little character to any room, or to hang outside for a summer party. Make it any colours, any pattern, and any size and style you like!



Two (or more) types of complimentary patterned fabric

Bias binding or ribbon to complement the fabrics


What to do:

On the paper, measure out a triangle slightly larger than the size you want your bunting flags to be

Fold your first piece of fabric in half, making sure the edges match up and that it is well ironed

Pin your template on and trace around your triangle using the chalk


Repeat until you have half the triangles you need, then do the same with the second fabric

Cut out all the triangles, keeping the pairs together

Pin each pair of triangles together, right sides facing, down the diagonal sides

IMG_0578 IMG_0580

Machine or hand sew down each side, leaving the top unsewn and removing the pins as you go

IMG_0583 IMG_0584

Trim away any excess fabric at the point, and turn your triangle the right way out, using a pencil or chopstick to turn the points out properly

IMG_0586 IMG_0590

Repeat for all the triangles, and iron them flat again, tucking in the fabric at the tops to give a neater edge.


Lay your triangles out along the ribbon or bias binding, alternating fabrics and making sure the spaces between the flags are even. Pin in place


Machine or hand sew along the edge of the bias binding or ribbon to hold the flags securely in place, removing the pins as you go


Hang and enjoy!


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