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Sewing through the Story: 1920s Headband

2015-05-14 12.04.50

Grace says: Add a splash of jazz age glamour to your day with this sparkly headband!

Katy says: This is one of those projects you can make as glitzy or as simple as you like. Go crazy with sequins, beads, feathers, jewels – whatever takes your fancy! Or else, keep it simple with a pretty fabric and a pretty look that goes with everything. I went for a classic 20s feel with whatever I could raid from my daughter’s craft box!

1920s Headband


Velvet fabric

Matching thick elastic

Feathers, sequins and sparkly buttons to decorate


What to do:

Measure from the bottom of your left ear, over your head (where you want to wear the headband) to the bottom of the other ear.

Cut your velvet into a rectangle to fit this length, and twice as wide as you want your headband to be, plus 2cm.

2015-05-14 11.35.57

Fold your rectangle in half lengthways, with the right sides together, and pin then sew in place with a 1cm seam allowance. Turn the right way out.

2015-05-14 11.36.21 2015-05-14 11.41.50 2015-05-14 11.46.13

Figure out where the middle of your headband is, and sew decorations either along the length of it or to one side, for an authentic 1920s look

2015-05-14 11.50.40 2015-05-14 11.52.57 2015-05-14 11.57.39

Measure around the back of your head, from ear to ear, and cut your elastic to that length.

2015-05-14 11.58.42

Tuck the ends of your velvet inside for a neat finish, then slip one end of the elastic into each to complete your headband circle. Pin and sew in place.

2015-05-14 12.02.09 2015-05-14 12.04.36 2015-05-14 12.04.50

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