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Sewing through the Story: Flower Corsage

2015-05-13 12.16.05

Grace says: Pin one of these to your top or jacket for a springtime bloom, or add several to a bag or coat for maximum effect.

Flower Corsage


Long scrap piece of fabric

Matching felt

Matching button

Badge back pin


What to do:

Cut your fabric into a long rectangle, 8cm by 50 cm

2015-05-13 11.48.31

Fold in half, with the wrong sides together, and tuck the ends under. Sew a long, gathering stitch 1cm in from where the edges meet.

2015-05-13 11.53.00 2015-05-13 11.54.00

Gather your fabric into tight ruffles, then starting at one end, start to coil it up into a spiral, sewing it in place by hand as you go. Keep wrapping the strip around your centre and sewing in place, until you reach the end.

2015-05-13 11.55.18 2015-05-13 12.01.09 2015-05-13 12.06.32 2015-05-13 12.08.19

Sew your button in place at the centre of the flower.

2015-05-13 12.14.46

Cut a circle of felt to cover the back of your flower and hide your stitches

2015-05-13 12.15.32

If you want to add a broach pin, sew it to the centre of the felt now, then glue the felt circle securely in place on the back of your flower.

2015-05-13 12.16.00 2015-05-13 12.16.05

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